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Resolving Will Contests And Estate Disputes In Court

Estate litigation results when parties ask the courts to decide the issue in dispute. Examples include will contests, or questions about the validity of a will, the meaning of language in a will or trust, sale of real estate, mishandling of assets and other issues involving the estate. Wrongful death claims often require litigation by the executor or administrator when the deceased died as a result of negligence or wrongful act of another.

Grief Can Lead To Legal Conflict

Unfortunately, estate disputes often occur during the emotional time after a death in the family. Grief, uncertainty, old animosities and other emotions can combine to cause a fight over assets.

At Ferris & Eakin, we often work with the family to resolve these disputes without the stress, resentment and costs of litigation. If the parties cannot agree on a resolution, we have extensive experience with using the litigation process to seek a solution from the courts.

Representing Your Interests With Respect

We are here to help you get through your probate dispute, whether you are the executor or are challenging the administration of the estate. For a initial consultation, please call 540-345-1000 or email us. We welcome you to meet with us at our Roanoke office.